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August 2015

President's Message

Happy August PBTC members.  I know this newsletter is a tad later than usual but we've been busy.  Besides the recent tournaments and club-sponsored mixer we held on July 10, 2015, we're working on a grant with the city to get new wind screens and also repair some things that present safety issues.

The Board would like to thank Steve Adamson for managing the tournaments and the mixer.  I know the tournaments occasionally disrupt our Saturday and Sunday enjoyment of the PBTC facilities but in holding and sponsoring these tournaments we show that we are part of the San Diego tennis community.  Another nice benefit of these tournaments is that they provide us the opportunity to solicit new members and keep our club fees down.

The July 10th mixer was a lot of fun.  It was great to have so many members show up.  The next mixer will celebrate the US Open and it will be on September 11, 2015.  This mixer will be a PBTC member only event.  More information to follow.

In addition, we're going to start some Friday night singles tournaments for men and women (PBTC members only).  More information to follow on that as soon as the details are decided.

For all of these events if you would please sign up online that would make our lives a lot easier.  If you're unable to sign up online then please stop by the pro shop and fill out the form.  I've spoken with many PBTC members who have assured me they are going to RSVP for our next mixer. That's great! Once you RSVP, please help us get the word out.  Please remember to RSVP on the website ( <preferred method> or send an email to or as stated earlier stop by the club house.

I know all the PBTC members have marked their calendars for the PBTC Turkey Tournament, which will be November 13th through the 15th.  Please pass along the information to other avid tennis players so they will join us.

In an effort to keep the club looking nice, your Board uses the money from the brick program to improve the facilities. If you have a special event or occasion you would like to memorialize please take advantage of the engraved brick program. You can contact me directly for more information.

The Board meeting minutes are always available for your review in the club house.  The Board would like to state one of Scott’s quotes “We appreciate your continued support, welcome your comments and suggestions, and hope you are as proud to be a PBTC member as we are to serve.”

Now go out and play some tennis !!!

Clifford Robbins



WTT offers a fun format different from the other traditional tennis league formats.

Being coed allows for us to play a set of each men and women doubles, men and women singles and 2 sets of doubles with mixed. Each set is first team to win 8 games, lets count and scoring goes 1,2,3,4 for each game with no add vs 15, 30, 40, add-in and add-out. We can sub in out with other team members through the course of each game. The matches are held at nighttime so is very conducive to the working people to play.

If anyone is interested in forming a WTT team, please contact

Monday night is the 3.5 level; Tuesday night is 3.0 level; and Thursday night is 4.5 level. There is also weekend WTT available during the day.

Team Profile

Our Green Flash 4.0 WTT (World Team Tennis) team has been playing for many years at PBTC. We enjoy being competitive and win at having fun! Our team consists of Donna Dube, Paivi and Doc Burke, Gina and Rodrigo Serzedello, Marcella King, Cate Thero, Greg Knight, Clare Wells, Haroldo Neto, Colin Chang, Ed and Lynda Jackson.

Upcoming Events

WHAT:        PBTC "US Open" Mixer
WHO:          Members Only. Partners welcome. 
WHEN:        Friday September 11th
TIME:          6-9pm
FORMAT:     Round Robin
BRING:       Potluck

Come join us for a fun evening of socializing and tennis.
Sign up online at to reserve your spot and sign up for potluck.

No Drop-in clinic Friday August 7th

November 13-15th- Turkey Tournament

Old-Timers PBTC Get-Together

All 33 of us had a great time remembering our good times at PBTC and reuniting at the  Old Timer's PBTC Get-Together  this past Monday, June 22.  How we missed those of you that could not make it.   How we enjoyed the new, beautiful landscaping.  We're all in favor of getting together next year!  If interested in joining the festivities, please contact Meg Skinner @ 858-292-5911 or Mary Ellen Abbott @ 858-551-0197.  Cheers!!


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