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WHEREAS the Pacific Beach Tennis Club (PBTC) Board of Directors from time to time finds it necessary to adopt resolutions concerning Club policy and operations; and

WHEREAS existing resolutions are discovered from time to time; and

WHEREAS such resolutions may be forgotten or be unknown to future Boards of Directors causing unnecessary readdressing of policy decisions;

BE IT THEREFORE RESOLVED each resolution adopted by the Board of Directors be assigned an identity number consisting of the current calendar year and a sequence number one (1) greater than the number of resolutions previously adopted during the calendar year. Discovered existing resolutions shall be like identified with the additional statement “Restated and Reaffirmed as YYYY-n”; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED this resolution shall contain a complete list of resolutions and each adopted resolution shall imply an addition to this list and each canceled resolution shall imply a termination notice to this list; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED for filing, reproduction, and distribution purposes all resolutions be filed and stored along with the minutes of the Board of Directors ; and

BE IT FINALLY RESOLVED that unless the Board of Directors votes by majority to terminate any or all Club resolutions that all remaining resolutions are in effect.


2016-1 Resolution Concerning Resolutions, Resolution Concerning Standing Rules (Adopted 1/28/16)

2016-2 Resolution Concerning Rules for League Play (Adopted 2/1/16)

2016-3 Resolution Concerning Rules for League Play (Adopted 3/22/16, IV, 7 Ammended 10/5/16,  Ammended 3/1/2019)


WHEREAS it is desirable for access to the PBTC tennis courts to be orderly and predictable; and

WHEREAS established rules are necessary to this purpose;

BE IT THEREFORE RESOLVED the following standing rules be established, prominently displayed at the Club, on the Club’s website, and published in the annual club directory if applicable.


In order to manage the courts the following rules are strictly enforced:

I. General Rules

1. There are no advanced reservations for members or guests to play on available courts at PBTC. Play is on a first-come-first-serve basis.

2. The sign-up board regulates the time that members or guests have access to play on available courts. A court supervisor may be available to assist players to properly sign up. If the sign-up board is unavailable for any reason, members and guests are to honestly report their starting times when asked and relinquish courts to others waiting in accordance with Club standing rules on time limits.

3. The time limit when others are waiting is 60 minutes for singles, 60 minutes for doubles, and 30 minutes for practice (one player).

4. Adult members, juniors, guests, and non-members have equal right to the courts. Scheduled instruction on courts that are designated for instruction at times designated for instruction on those courts, club-approved classes, club-approved league matches and club-approved tournaments, and club-approved court rentals have priority over other play.

5. Dogs are not allowed on the premises. Skateboards, bicycles, black-soled shoes, and small non-playing children are not allowed on the courts.

6. Prime time is defined as 8:00 AM to 10:00 AM each day and 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM Monday through Friday.

7. Juniors not taking instruction play at no cost.

II. Court Sign-up Rules

1. All players must sign their names and starting times on the board.

2. Players may not change their starting time without changing courts. Players may change courts prior to completing their allotted time if no other players are waiting.

3. Players may finish their game before being bumped. It is a courtesy not to enter a court until the game is completed. If there is a significant time delay in taking the court, the bumping players may adjust their starting time accordingly. It is a courtesy for the players being bumped to offer to adjust the starting time.

4. In the case of players who are playing the final game of a set before a tie-breaker game, such as 5-6 under normal tennis scoring, should the result of that game create a tie, players shall be allowed to complete a 9-point tie breaker (first to 5 points, no “win by 2” rule) when others are waiting.

5. Players may not be bumped when there are open courts.

6. If players leave a court for more than 10 minutes without notifying the court supervisor, their court becomes open for new players to play.

7. When only wet courts are open, players may sign up for a wet court by marking “when dry” in the starting time column. The actual starting time should be entered when the court is dry. “When dry” occurs when the first warm-up ball is struck.

8. Children under 8 years of age may use the courts only when supervised by a responsible adult.

III. Ball Machine Sign-Up Rules

1. The ball machine may be used on courts 1, 2, 3, and 7.

2.  A player renting the ball machine may bump the first court suitable for ball machine use after the players on that court have completed their allotted time.

3.  A guest using the ball machine with a member must pay the guest fee; ball machine rental fees are the responsibility of the member.

4.  Persons under 14 years of age may rent the ball machine only when supervised by a responsible adult.

5. A teaching professional may use a ball machine when one is available and will not use it for more than 30 minutes when a member is waiting to use it on another court.

IV. Rules for League Play (Resolution 2016-3)

1. The Board of Directors by majority vote can designate a league as a "recognized league."

2. The addition of a new team, in a recognized league, requires approval from both the club manager and the Director of Leagues. Team captains are responsible for seeking this approval. Two weeks notice of intent to add a new team is required before the starting date of the relevant league.

3. The name of an approved new team requires approval by the Board of Directors. Approval will not be unreasonably withheld. Names are required to be in keeping with the ethos of the club as a community tennis facility catering to adults and youth.

4. Recognized league play involving teams of more than two players during club hours must coordinate the use of PBTC courts with the club manager.

5. Upon receiving clearance for court use, team captains must submit to the PBTC League Coordinator their i) team roster and ii) match schedule. Team rosters must be submitted for approval at least 3 days in advance of the official entry deadline established by the league organization.

6. A minimum of 60% of the players on a league team must be current PBTC members. Non-members are required to pay PBTC a $50 Seasonal Club League Fee (SCLF) prior to the season’s start date. It is a team captain’s responsibility to assure PBTC membership compliance and payment of the SCLF by all players on their roster.

7. The SCLF is an opportunity for a non-member to play a league season @ $50 per team. This is a non-member status. It entitles court use only during league matches; guest fees are required at all other times. Non-member may play on several teams during the active season; each additional team during that one season requires an additional $50 fee. This/these fee(s) can be applied cumulatively towards a full membership for the current year. In the event that new players, who are not members of PBTC, are added to a roster during the mid-season window period, these players will be required to pay $25 per team instead of the $50 per team required at the beginning of the season. All the same restrictions that apply to non-member league players apply to players added mid-season.

8. At no time will a recognized league occupy more than 3 courts during the time of play of the league matches. If additional courts are open, league players may practice on those open courts provided that they notify the court supervisor and either (i) pay appropriate non-member guest fees or (ii) vacate upon request the courts to any other member or guest paying fees who wishes to use the court.

9. On weekends after 12 noon, two courts shall be made available to individual players participating in league matches (singles or doubles, not part of a team). Such players may play to completion a best 2 of 3 sets under normal tennis scoring without limit on the amount of time the players may use the court. Change over times and times between sets shall follow USTA rules (presently 90 seconds during a set and 120 seconds at the end of a set, with no time delay after the opening game of a set).

10. Opponents of PBTC members in a recognized league match who play at PBTC do not have to pay guest fees.

11. League play within leagues that are not recognized by the Board of Directors in advance are to be handled the same as all normal play at the club.

12.  For players competing in PBTC flex league matches, play may continue to completion without being bumped except during weekends before noon and evenings before 8 PM.

The Pacific Beach Tennis Club

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