October 2018


Hi PBTC Members!

I have an update for you following our Board of Directors meeting Thursday night. 

First, a reminder that the Turkey Tournament, held Nov. 3, is open for registrations and it's FREE for members and their significant others. We sent specific information to all our members regarding the tournament on Friday (10/26), and if you'd like to play and you're not signed up, there's no time like the present! Please go to http://www.pbtennis.com/events and sign up.

The main news from our meeting is that for the upcoming election for the four open board positions (for the term 2019-2020), our secretary Bob Miller received notifications from Phil Tan (director), Lucas Heilman, Kate Spiro, and Bruno Gomes of their willingness to serve our club. We will proceed to have our election according to our club by-laws, and I will have more information for you on that in the coming weeks. Until then, I want to thank Phil, Lucas, Kate, and Bruno for volunteering their time and talent to help support and improve our club in the coming years. Bob Miller, Linda Braun-Leibowitz, and I will be retiring at the end of this year after four years on the board. 

Our Annual Meeting will be held December 1, concurrent with our Holiday mixer from 12n-2p. At present, we have no club business that the Board has chosen to bring forward to the membership at the meeting, but it's always nice to have the opportunity for members to offer their suggestions for improving our club. Of course, you don't have to wait with any suggestions: You can always email me at david_fogel_nsi@yahoo.com or phone me at (858) 349-0848 any time. 

There are no other updates on the De Anza Cover Revitalization project at present. Phil will be staying on top of those developments and will be reporting any items that deserve your attention. 

Finally, Alex Araouzos, our new teaching pro, is doing great. We've had tremendously positive feedback from his students you can add my name to that list as I had a very helpful lesson with him on Friday. I hope you have an opportunity to get on the court with him as well. All of his contact information is on our website at http://pbtennis.com/Lessons .

See you at the courts!

David Fogel

PBTC President, 2018



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If you have a business, or know of a business, that would like to offer discounts to our members, please contact David Fogel: mailto:david_fogel_nsi@yahoo.com