December 2019



The last board meeting of this decade was just held, and I’m happy to report the results of a very productive session.  The board has approved the refurbishment and repair of the bathroom, two new windscreens on the north and west sides of Court 8, in addition to the repair of the chain link fence tension wire on Court 7. 

Additionally, the board has approved Flex League Play for all of 2020, with the following dates set:

  • Jan 1-Mar15, playoffs Mar16-31 
  • April1-Jun15, playoffs Jun16-30.
  • July 1-Sep15, playoffs Sep16-30
  • Oct 1-Dec15, playoffs Dec 16-31

Playoff balls are included for participants and league winners will be awarded a free half-hour lesson (or ½ off one hour). 

Interested in joining the flex league?  Write to board@pbtennis.com - it's a benefit of your membership and participation is free to all members. 

Every effort was made to keep the facilities of the club at the highest levels this year.  We’ve resurfaced courts 5 and 6, had two new south-facing windscreens installed, and all light bulbs were replaced on court 2.  We’ve also approved of the resurfacing of the backboard area and we’re working with the contractor to have this happen as soon as possible. 

While there are still items that could be improved upon, (such as the lights!), I reflect on the year’s investment in our facilities and am pleased that we’ve been able to maintain the club to the degree that we have. 

Large credit for this is attributed to the steady and effective work of our Treasurer, Scott Karafin.  He’s served on the board for the last six years (!) pursuing improvement in the club’s finances to the point where the club has been able to resurface six courts in the last three years.  I’d like to say one last thank you to our long-serving Treasurer.  

Now a look to the future.  I congratulate our new board members Bert Benevento and Rick Beltran.  They will be joined by re-elected Vice President, Panto Mijatovic to serve with Kate Spiro, Lucas Heilman, Phil Tan, and Bruno Gomes on the 2020 PB Tennis Club Board. Please join me in thanking them for their efforts.  The future of the club is in good hands. 

Wishing you and your loved ones the best in 2020. 





Our 2020 membership renewal is underway - please keep an eye on your inbox - or click on the link above. 

As part of the 2020 renewal program, the board has approved a referral incentive program for next year's membership.  For each referral made, you will receive an Amazon gift card in the amount of $10 for each new member that you refer who joins PBTC.  

A new member is anyone who has not been a member for at least the past year. The new member will also receive a $10 gift card as a welcome gift to the club.  Unlike years past, the board did not approve granting free guest passes for early membership renewal. Instead, the board is incentivizing growing our membership base, hence the referral initiative.  Given that the total number of referrals that can be made by each member is 5, our hope is that you can potentially better benefit from this incentive than previous offerings. 


Our 4.0 WTT team won their division this season and our 4.5 team was runner-up.! Both teams have qualified to play in the National Qualifiers. Congrats!

4.0 WTT following their final match:


  • 15-Dec Flex League Regular Season Ends



AMY'S CLEANERS: 1015 Turquoise Street One free item if you bring in ten or more.


GEEKY CLEAN PC: Garnet Avenue, PB. PBTC members get 10% off.


WOODSTOCK's PIZZA: Garnet Avenue. PBTC members get 10% off.   


OFFSHORE TAVERN & GRILL: Morena Blvd. PBTC members get 10% off all regularly priced items.

BOULEVARD AUTOMOTIVE: Turquoise St Members get 10% off of labor, not combined with other discounts.

EMPEY REALTY: 858-230-8644 PBTC members get $500 off closing.

If you have a business, or know of a business, that would like to offer discounts to our members, please contact the PBTC Board at: board@pbtennis.com
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