June 2019


The Board is happy to announce that pickleball is coming to PB Tennis Club!  The first session is this Saturday, 22-June. We've negotiated a discounted rate for club members, $4 for three hours of play.  Play is scheduled for Saturdays and Sundays from 12:00 pm to 3:00 pm on Court 7. If you’re interested in learning more - go to https://www.sandiegopickleball.com/ for all the details or coordinate any questions directly with the provider, (858) 630-8740  info@sandiegopickleball.com.

Also this month, we're having our Wimbledon Mixer on Friday, 28-June.  This will be co-hosted as a Meetup event. As always, admission is free to club members.  We plan on hosting mixers monthly this summer - this is our official season mixer kick-off!


Tracy with PBTC Treasurer Scott

As many of you know,

Tracy is on the go.
She's moving to Vegas end of June

So say farewell, as she departs so soon.

She may have seemed
to be as tough as nails.
But for those who know her well
her thoughtfulness, and her
dedicated work with special kids
tells a different tale.

In dubs you want her on your side
As her opponent, she'll take you so wide.
As in tennis, also as a friend,
She's great for the long ride.

As an accomplished player
She traveled far and wide.
Here at PBTC, we acknowledge
her long term membership
with immense pride.

Tracy, We're hopeful you'll keep in touch,
Visit often, and know you'll be missed
So very much!

Scott Karafin &
PBTC Board

Tracy with members Liz and Hillary


The city is proposing to give Campland a 5 year lease to the Mission Bay RV Resort. The city’s Housing and Land Use Committee voted in favor of this, and City Council will make the final vote on this next week, which will likely also be in favor of Campland. I spoke in support of this at a recent Mission Bay Park Committee meeting as it was determined to have little impact on PBTC and there is promise Campland will invest in the cleanup of the peninsula.

Meanwhile, a group called Citizen’s Coordinate for Century 3 (C3) has unveiled a new plan for De Anza that includes an 8-court tennis facility. It is aligned with ReWild’s most radical “wildest” plan, and it proposes to naturalize the entire peninsula. To my knowledge, the city is not considering this plan.

The city is scheduled to unveil its environmental impact report for the De Anza Cove Amendment this Summer. Following that, there will be a 45-day public comment period which will be our time to make our next statement. As always, I am happy to address comments or questions.

Phil Tan, PBTC Board



We have representation from two “Monsters of the Bay”  teams in the upcoming season of WTT. Our 4.5 Division team is captained by Hillary Park and the 4.0 team is led by Rick Beltran.  Come out and support fellow members as they compete in WTT play. 



AMY'S CLEANERS: 1015 Turquoise Street One free item if you bring in ten or more.


GEEKY CLEAN PC: Garnet Avenue, PB. PBTC members get 10% off.


WOODSTOCK's PIZZA: Garnet Avenue. PBTC members get 10% off.   


OFFSHORE TAVERN & GRILL: Morena Blvd. PBTC members get 10% off all regularly priced items.

BOULEVARD AUTOMOTIVE: Turquoise St Members get 10% off of labor, not combined with other discounts.

EMPEY REALTY: 858-230-8644 PBTC members get $500 off closing.

If you have a business, or know of a business, that would like to offer discounts to our members, please contact the PBTC Board at: board@pbtennis.com
Pacific Beach Tennis Club
+1 (858) 273 - 9177
2639 Grand Avenue, San Diego, 92109