May 2019


Courts 5 & 6 Resurfacing

I'm very pleased to bring you great news!  Based on our current and projected financial status, the Board voted on May 14th to authorize the resurfacing of courts 5 & 6.  We expect the project to be completed late June or early July, and will provide more specifics when available.

Since 2014, PBTC has consistently had strong financial results.  We built our reserves to an appropriate level, with a conservative outlook, to protect the Club from anticipated expenditures and a cushion for unexpected yet possible needs. We then embarked upon our court resurfacing mission, and resurfaced courts 1-4 in 2017-2018. This year, we again project financial strength and decided to move forward with two more courts.  As always, other needs and improvements are also being addressed.

On a personal note, this will be my sixth year as your Treasurer.  It's been a pleasure to serve, and to be part of the process of reaching and maintaining financial stability while making significant improvements. I look forward to the remainder of 2019, continuing to protect your interests. Term limits preclude serving in 2020, but I will certainly be interested in how the Club proceeds and be available in any way I can be of assistance.

Best regards and hope to see you at the courts,

Scott Karafin

PBTC Treasurer, 2014-2019



The city remains quiet on its plans for the De Anza Cove Amendment. However, some other groups, and ReWild in particular, have become more active lately. I suggest that we "keep the ball rolling" and contact San Diego City Council members to voice our concerns and opinions. Here is a district map.

And here is a list of the council members:

PBTC is located within district 2 and so Jennifer Campbell is the most relevant. I emailed Chris Ward because my home is within his district, and I think I will contact all the others as well! The following is a letter you can use to email your city council member. It is a template that you can personalize and change, and [obviously] the recipient and your signature needs to be filled out by you. As always, I am available for comments and questions.

Phil Tan

PBTC Secretary and De Anza Cove Amendment Lead


Subject: Concerns about tennis in the Mission Bay De Anza Cove Amendment

Dear [Recipient; i.e. Council member Jennifer Campbell]:

I am writing to inform you about the potential negative impacts of the Mission Bay De Anza Cove Amendment to the Pacific Beach Tennis Club (PBTC). I commute from my residence within your district to enjoy the high value of tennis and the great community at PBTC. The public facility has eight high quality lighted courts and offers affordable recreation that is accessible to everyone. The vibrant club also hosts numerous tournaments, leagues, and other tennis-centered social activities, and has three teaching pros that provide lessons, clinics, and youth camps and clinics from entry- to elite-level.

 [Personal statement on why PBTC is important to you]

The selected proposal of the city’s amendment appears inadequate to support and grow this tennis community. The city plans to relocate the tennis center to an area bordered by Rose Creek, North Mission Bay Drive, and the Mission Bay Golf Course. A ranger station is placed within the tennis center, and regulations require a 100-foot public use zone along Rose Creek to further reduce the space. My concern is that the space is not enough to include a clubhouse with restrooms, areas for spectators and socializing, and adequate parking. Without such amenities, the tennis center would be reduced to courts similar to those at a Park & Rec facility which would not support the greater tennis community, and the teaching pros and many members would move to other tennis centers.

A sensible alternative to the city's plan is the Mission Bay Gateway Plan, which proposes an expanded tennis facility with all of the aforementioned amenities, including a clubhouse to be shared with adjacent recreational activities. I ask you to support this plan, because I believe that there is a sufficient public interest for an excellent tennis center in Mission Bay which would be an asset to the entire community!


[your name

Address and phone number]


PB Tennis Club’s very own Zach Svajda is breaking into the professional tennis ranks.  If you were at this year’s Indian Wells tournament, you may have even seen Zach hit with a few of the pros there, such as this notable fellow in the photo below:

Here’s a short question and answer session the board recently had with Zach:

Do you remember when you first started playing at the club?   How old were you?

I’ve been told I was less than 2 years old. I don’t remember much but I do remember riding on the ball mower as my dad picked up balls. We probably were not supposed to do that.

What is a memory you'd like to share with membership?

Always hoping that court 4 was open because that was my favorite court.

How often do you get to play at the club when you're in town?

I try to play at the club everyday when I’m back in town.

Are there any highlights from the last couple of years you want to share with the members?

Getting my ATP Point last year at 15 years old was my biggest accomplishment to date. Being the top recruit in America for the class of 2021.

What are your plans for the remainder of the season?

I’m spending a lot of time in Orlando with training blocks with the American pros and playing several pro tournaments.

Can you describe to us a bit how your day looks when you're on the road for tournaments?

I wake up early and make sure I have a good warmup 2 hours before my match. Make sure all of my racquets are stenciled for my sponsors and make sure all of my racquets are gripped brand new.

Interested in supporting Zach in his professional tennis endeavors?  There’s a GoFundMe campaign that you can contribute to:



Mission Bay High School Courts

The Greater San Diego City Tennis Council is partnering with the San Diego Unified School District on an update to the nearby Mission Bay High School tennis courts slated for this summer. In addition to court resurfacing, organizers plan to add new windscreens and new nets on all six courts.

The tennis council hopes the school district will work to increase availability for public use and make the updated courts available for PBTC events when more courts are needed.

Last week Principal Ernie Remillard praised the partnership “as most welcome." The tennis council is a non-profit that promotes tennis by stimulating philanthropy to fix up public courts around the county. The group identified the high school courts as vital to our local tennis community.

If you'd like to support this worthy cause, tax-free charitable 
donations are accepted by the tennis council online at www.sandiegotenniscouncil.com.

Rick Beltran
PBTC Member


We have a new clubhouse staff attendant.  Please provide a warm welcome to Erika Blackwell! She may be new to the club, but not to tennis.  


  • 25-27 May Powell Blankenship Junior Tournament
    • No Court Availability this weekend due to the tournament
    • This will be the final year of the Powell Blankenship tournament at PBTC - come out in support of the junior players
  • 31-May French Open Mixer
    • This will be an event co-hosted with Meetup San Diego - stay tuned for the Meetup sign-up link


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WOODSTOCK's PIZZA: Garnet Avenue. PBTC members get 10% off.   


OFFSHORE TAVERN & GRILL: Morena Blvd. PBTC members get 10% off all regularly priced items.

BOULEVARD AUTOMOTIVE: Turquoise St Members get 10% off of labor, not combined with other discounts.

EMPEY REALTY: 858-230-8644 PBTC members get $500 off closing.