January 2018


Hi PBTC members,

I hope you're enjoying the tennis from Down Under in Australia. Unfortunately, Mother Nature wasn't so kind to us last Friday for our scheduled Aussie Open mixer, but we'll see when the calendar will let us pick up our rain check. I have a few things to let you know about following our Board of Directors meeting last week.

First, club officers were elected as follows:

President: David Fogel

Vice President: Linda Braun-Leibowitz

Treasurer: Scott Karafin

Secretary: Bob Miller

At the meeting, the Board reviewed how best to handle the large tree in our courtyard. The area around the tree is now cordoned off from entry and we have requested professional guidance on how best to handle the situation while possibly saving the tree. Once we receive the information, we'll be able to determine the best course of action. The Board also reviewed the prospects for resurfacing another court in the coming months. Our projected budget does provide for us to do this, and we'll likely make another assessment at the February meeting to finalize our decision and determine when the best time is to proceed.

We also created two subcommittees: one, chaired by our treasurer Scott Karafin, covers the financial aspects of the club and will serve to reduce his workload as treasurer, while the other is a reappointment of our subcommittee on the De Anza Cove Revitalization Project. The latter is chaired by director Phil Tan, and Phil welcomes all members who are interested to participant on this subcommittee and help ensure that tennis remains in Pacific Beach during and after the project. You can contact Phil directly at ptphiltan@gmail.com to volunteer or receive more information.

The Board also appointed our club manager, Steve Adamson, to be the Head Turkey for this year's Turkey Tournament to be held in November. Steve will be contacting some key people to see who can help organize another fun event this year.

Steve's term as club manager expires at the end of this year. As part of the club's due diligence on behalf of the members, we posted a request for proposals for the club manager position on Jora.com a couple of months ago. We were very pleased to receive a formal application from Steve to remain as our club manager for 2019-2021. That said, we do remain open for other applicants should anyone want to submit their application prior to the next Board meeting, which is scheduled for February 12.

The Board also reaffirmed all the standing rules for play and operations at the club, which are available online at the www.pbtennis.com website. As always, if you have any questions or I can be of help with anything, please feel free to email me at david_fogel_nsi@yahoo or call me at 858-349-0848 at any time.

See you at the courts!

David Fogel
PBTC President 2017



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