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Rules for League Play

IV. Rules for League Play (Resolution 2016-3)

1. The Board of Directors by majority vote can designate a league as a "recognized league."

2. The addition of a new team, in a recognized league, requires approval from both the club manager and the Director of Leagues. Team captains are responsible for seeking this approval. Two weeks notice of intent to add a new team is required before the starting date of the relevant league.

3. The name of an approved new team requires approval by the Board of Directors. Approval will not be unreasonably withheld. Names are required to be in keeping with the ethos of the club as a community tennis facility catering to adults and youth.

4. Recognized league play involving teams of more than two players during club hours must coordinate the use of PBTC courts with the club manager.

5. Upon receiving clearance for court use, team captains must submit to the PBTC League Coordinator their i) team roster and ii) match schedule. Team rosters must be submitted for approval at least 3 days in advance of the official entry deadline established by the league organization.

6. A minimum of 60% of the players on a league team must be current PBTC members. Non-members are required to pay PBTC a $50 Seasonal Club League Fee (SCLF) prior to the season’s start date. It is a team captain’s responsibility to assure PBTC membership compliance and payment of the SCLF by all players on their roster.

7. The SCLF is an opportunity for a non-member to play a league season @ $50 per team. This is a non-member status. It entitles court use only during league matches; guest fees are required at all other times. Non-member may play on several teams during the active season; each additional team during that one season requires an additional $50 fee. This/these fee(s) can be applied cumulatively towards a full membership for the current year.

8. At no time will a recognized league occupy more than 3 courts during the time of play of the league matches. If additional courts are open, league players may practice on those open courts provided that they notify the court supervisor and either (i) pay appropriate non-member guest fees or (ii) vacate upon request the courts to any other member or guest paying fees who wishes to use the court.

9. On weekends after 12 noon, two courts shall be made available to individual players participating in league matches (singles or doubles, not part of a team). Such players may play to completion a best 2 of 3 sets under normal tennis scoring without limit on the amount of time the players may use the court. Change over times and times between sets shall follow USTA rules (presently 90 seconds during a set and 120 seconds at the end of a set, with no time delay after the opening game of a set).

10. Opponents of PBTC members in a recognized league match who play at PBTC do not have to pay guest fees.

11. League play within leagues that are not recognized by the Board of Directors in advance are to be handled the same as all normal play at the club.


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